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    We are in the business of moving houses, barns, buildings, modular homes, mobile homes, and any type structure for the purpose of relocation.

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Building Moving Services

Building Moving

Whether your home or commercial property needs to be relocated to a new area due to depleting market values or the city plans, you can count on our professionals to provide you with the most reliable and efficient structure relocating services in Regina, SK.

Structural Movers

We understand that moving such a large and delicate structure can be an unsettling task to entrust to someone. That's why our building movers are always available to discuss our tactics, so you know exactly what our process is, every step of the way.

Mobile Homes

We at Howell Building Movers understand that your home can be your single greatest investment. Whether you are looking to have your house moved, lifted, or leveled, we can ensure you’ll have a smooth, time-efficient, and reliable experience.

We Offer

Building Movers

Howell Building Movers has the experience, knowledge and the right equipment to find the most efficient and safest method for completing the project, which in turn will keep costs down.

Structure Relocators

Howell Building Movers take great pride in helping preserve the historic value of any structure from your home or family air loom to other historic structures such as churches, school houses, barns, lighthouses, meeting halls etc...

House Lifting

Your home is most likely your largest investment and we’re here to make sure that your investment is in safe hands when it comes to your relocation or leveling needs.

Basement Replacement

Raising your home can allow you to increase the height of your basement ceiling or create a new full basement from a crawl space.

Double wide mobile homes

Each job we undertake is unique in its own way and requires our complete attention to every detail.

Moving Resources

Howell Building Movers has the coverage and solutions you need; rest assured that your home, building or structure is in the right hands, with the right protective coverage.

Preparing for a House or Building Move

Howell Building Movers can move structures of any size, weight, or type including frame, stone, block, log, brick houses, and concrete and steel commercial buildings, along with the possibility of even moving the concrete slab floor along with some buildings. Moving a historic building through the narrow streets certainly isn’t an easy task. Each job we undertake is unique in its own way and requires our complete attention to every detail.

We consult your local building authority and know what is required.

Howell Building Movers is a specialized structural transport consultant based out of Regina, SK. We move all types of buildings from homes to commercial structures in Saskatchewan. Read More

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